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Brief description

Peak3D, a 2D/3D computergraphics modeler enables you to create fully interactive three-dimensional objects and scenes.

Peak3D includes many innovative tools which make it unique in its field. These include a new high performance Boolean 3d algorithm, an integrated 2D editor including 3D view and a binary filter which provides simple editing of geometric subelements such as points and edges.

All facilities needed for advanced development are already integrated in this software, including various light sources, multiple cameras, a texture editor based on POV-Ray 3.0, and most of all, a programmable interface for extending Peak3D.

Peak3D is shareware and can be tested without cost for up to 21 days.
Currently available languages: English and German.
Operating Systems: Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP *)

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Who cares?

Beginners: Come into the fascinating world of 3D computer graphics. Use our product to compose complete scenes from scratch. At the same time, you learn the basic principles of 3D-modelling. Visit our tutorial pages to discover the advantages of Peak3D.

Advanced users: Create complex scenes in the shortest time. Multi-threaded functionality and Interrupt redraw provide delay-free response to your input. Modification of geometric subelements including vertices, faces, and edges can be easily performed by slightly suppressing inactive objects. Peak3D offers a high performance algorithm for boolean operations and complete control over parametric properties. These features make it possible to reduce the time needed to download virtual reality applications. Benefit from a programmable interface which enables you to extend Peak3D for your own requirements.

Experts: Peak3D can be used for projects for which your current software fails or provides unsatisfacting results. Exchange data using Peak3D plug-ins or built-in file filters to export your objects or scenes into a desired file format.

Programmers: Do you have new ideas you want to develop, or have you already implemented your own algorithms for 2D/3D computer graphics, but lack a suitable user-interface? Provide access to your own algorithms through a COM-based interface, or implement your own objects through means which are programming languague independent. Please contact usprogramming support for further information.

Robotics: Peak3D can be used as a remote server for robotic simulations. Peak3D provides several COM objects which allow you to control Peak3D remotely from your applications, and Peak3d may be controlled by multiple applications at the same time.


General 2D Editor 3D Editor

Prices and Licensing

Peak3D is shareware. According to the terms of the license conditions for this shareware, Peak3d may be used without cost for up to 21 days. After 21 days, you are required either to register your copy of Peak3d or to fully remove this software from your computer.

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There are lower prices for orders which contain more then 10 Peak3D licenses. Please contact in such a case and ask for special conditions.

Upon receipt of the registration fee and the order form, you will be considered to be a registered user of Peak3D at the current version level. Updates within a version level are free for registered users and need no further registration. New version levels are expected annually and will be announced in this place as they become available.

Once registered, an acknowledgement including a registration key will be sent to you by E-mail, fax, or by postal mail. The registration key serves to deactivate the shareware lock in Peak3D. This key is generated using the registered user's name and may only be used by this registered user.

Plase refer to the license conditions if there are any questions about the registration process.

Current Notes

New Build 27.12.2001

New subversion (01.10)! Upgrading from an earlier unregistered version will reset the evaluation period up to 21 days!

Revision history of Peak3D


Click here to download Peak3D Peak3D Version 01.10 (Build 27.12.01, approx. 1 MB, operating system: Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP *)).

This downloadable file was generated with our SmartInstall and contains all modules required for the execution of Peak3D. In additional, this package includes some sample scenes and a help file.

After downloading this file, simply execute the downloaded file and follow the instructions presented by the installation process.

Mailing List

Register yourself for the Peak3D mailing list. There is no cost for this service and you will always be one of the first to be informed with news regarding Peak3D.

Yes, I want to receive Peak3D news. Please send them to the following e-mail address:

You can remove your name from our database at any time by simply sending an e-mail to with the subject given as REMOVE.

*) Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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