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Brief Description

SmartInstall is an advanced utility that helps software developers distribute their products. This utility enables a software developer to create software installation packages that provide efficient and convenient means for delivering software to clients and installing this software on their computers.

Software installation packages created with SmartInstall guide recipients through the potentially complex installation process. You, the software developer, determine which files, folders, and registry entries on the client's computer are to be used for installation or which may be optionally uninstalled. Based on this information, SmartInstall produces a single and highly compressed executable file which guides the entire installation process in a simple and user-friendly manner.

The small size of the resulting installation files provides an important advantage for distribution over the Internet. In addition, a comfortable yet flexible user interface makes SmartInstall an indispensable means for distributing your software products.

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP (x86) *)
Currently available languages: English and German.

SmartInstall Help  View the SmartInstall HTML-help.

Who Cares?

SmartInstall is for designed for use by developers and distributors of software for Windows 95/98/NT4 (x86), which


File handling:

Registry entries:

Prices and Licensing

To remove the dialog box "Freeware Info" from your project, you need a password which is specific to the name and the version number of your software installation package. You can get this password by purchasing a software license from us, Markus Pfau. If you don't care about the Freeware-Dialogbox, there is no need to purchase a license. In this case you can use SmartInstall for free!

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Current Notes

New Build 04 August 02 (Version 1.8)! Presetable checkboxes and/or radiobuttons in custom-setup. Multiple shortcuts on desktop possible. Installation of non-compressed data enables creation of huge CD installations. Extended options for removing files created during the runtime of the installed application.

DSAT3 Home SmartInstall is currently used successful in the brand new DSAT3, D-Sat4, D-Reise Deutsche Inseln and D-Reise Berlin Arial-Image Information systems, which has become in a very short time the third most sold consumer software in germany (more than 100.000 installations on different computers and operating-systems)!


Click here to Download SmartInstall  SmartInstall Version 1.8 (approx. 800 KB, Build 04.08.02, Operating systems: Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP (x86) *)).
This file was created with Markus Pfau SmartInstall and contains all files required for execution of SmartInstall, a detailed help file in html, as well as some sample installation files.

Execute this file after the download and follow the resulting instructions.

*) Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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